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I am having trouble redeeming my School Dollars on the app and/or website. Whom can I contact to help me?

For assistance with redeeming School Dollars, you can contact Hannaford Helps Schools at (603) 380-9353 or

Do I have to download the app to redeem School Dollars?

No, you can redeem School Dollars through the redemption website. Downloading the Hannaford Helps Schools App makes future School Dollar redemption even easier because it saves your information and the school you want to support.

How can I tell if my school is registered?

You can look for a full list of registered schools on

I do not see my school of choice as a selection for my School Dollars. How can I select my school?

If you do not see your school of choice in the 2022 list of schools you can support with your School Dollars, please submit your school for consideration to be included in the 2023 program at

How do I register my school?

Registration is closed for this year’s program, but to register for next year, visit

Are all schools eligible for Hannaford Helps Schools?

K-12 schools may participate in Hannaford Helps Schools. Daycares, pre-schools and aftercare programs are not eligible for this program.

How can my school check the total earnings they will receive?

When counting is complete, Hannaford Marketing will post registered schools, final payouts and all bonus payouts on

Is the Hannaford Helps Schools program part of My Hannaford Rewards?

No, it is not. Hannaford Helps Schools is a separate program and you will need to set up a separate account to participate.