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I am having trouble redeeming my School Dollars on the app and/or website. Whom can I contact to help me?

For assistance with redeeming School Dollars, you can contact Lizzy Russell, Program Manager for Hannaford Helps Schools, at (603) 380-9353 or

Do I have to download the app to redeem School Dollars?

No, you can redeem School Dollars through the online redemption website. Downloading the Hannaford Helps Schools app makes future School Dollar redemption even easier because it saves your information and the schools you want to support.

How can we redeem School Dollars collected at our school?

Schools can redeem all School Dollars collected via the Hannaford Helps School app or online redemption website at The white envelope included in your packet can be used to collect unredeemed School Dollars in the event they are brought to your school.

I received an envelope in the mail with my Hannaford Helps Schools supplies – what is this envelope for?

The envelope may serve as a place for schools to collect School Dollars from parents, friends, and families. 

While school community members can process their School Dollars independently via the Redemption Website or the Hannaford Helps Schools App, some people may choose to bring them into their school for collection. Once the School Dollars are collected, there are two options:

1.       Appoint one person at the school to process the School Dollars via the Redemption Website or the Hannaford Helps Schools App. 

Please note, this is the only way to ensure that the School Dollars are directed to the school of your choice.

2.       Bring the envelope of School Dollars to a Hannaford store. 

All School Dollars brought to stores will be compiled and evenly distributed among all participating schools.

Do I have to shop at a specific Hannaford store to direct School Dollars to my school?

Using the Hannaford Helps School app or online redemption website, you can shop at any Hannaford and direct your School Dollars to any 2024 participating school of your choosing.

Can School Dollars still be dropped in the collection tower at Hannaford stores?

Stores will have a collection tower but will not allow shoppers to specify which school their School Dollars will support. Any School Dollars dropped in the collection tower will be split equally among all schools participating in the program.

School Dollars can be directed to the school of your choice through the Hannaford Helps School app or on the Hannaford Helps Schools online redemption website

I do not see my school of choice as a selection for my School Dollars. How can I select my school?

If you do not see your school of choice in the 2023 list of schools you can support with your School Dollars, please submit your school for consideration to be included in the 2024 program by completing the school application formThe deadline to register your school for the 2024 program is February 29, 2024.

How can I tell if my school is registered?

You can look for a full list of registered schools on

How do I register my school?

You can register your school for the 2024 Hannaford Helps Schools program by completing and submitting the school application form.

Is there a deadline to register my school for the 2024 Hannaford Helps School program?

To be considered for the 2024 Hannaford Helps Schools program, please enroll your school by February 29, 2024. All submissions received after this date will be considered for the 2025 Hannaford Helps Schools program.

Are all schools eligible for Hannaford Helps Schools?

All K-12 schools may participate in Hannaford Helps Schools.

How can my school check the total earnings they will receive?

When counting is complete, Hannaford Marketing will post registered schools, final payouts and all bonus payouts on 2023 program earnings are now available.

Is the Hannaford Helps Schools program part of My Hannaford Rewards?

No, it is not. Hannaford Helps Schools is a separate program, and you will need to set up a separate account to participate.